stØrfan sender

  • 8. April 2023

I’m an artist with a day job. Also a lot of interests.

I am always up for interesting projects, performances and collaborations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions. info <<at>> .

If you feel like supporting please visit my bandcamp site.


shows / concerts

.alter at Tag der offenen Tür 2023 on June 10th, BLO Ateliers (Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin) more infos soon

stØrfan sender playing solo at J.A.B NIGHT #VI, June 3rd 7pm @TrxXXXxtr, XBerg Berlin, more info and line up here.

COCK’N’ROACH at KRACHATON Leipzig, May 20th, noisy rainbøw gettogether; 30+ live sets of music and noise; @spxlxnkx 4 pm to 2 am.

supersØnic radio show #09 10pm, May 9th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

stØrfan sender solo at opening of no dine- no pidle, on April 28th, 5pm at Galerie Mainoevre, Meraner Straße 10, 10825 Berlin

DEAD COUNTY COOL BOYS 6pm, April 15th, Waldinsel-Laster at St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hamburg

supersØnic radio show #08 10pm, April 11th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

stØrfan sender playing a foolish set at FOOL OF FOOLS, app. 8pm, April 1st, Studio DB, Uferstr.8-11, Berlin Wedding

stØrfan sender solo at Experimentik, 9pm, Mar 15th, TIKNord, Rigaer str.77, 10247 Berlin

Video by Seiji Morimoto

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show #07 10pm, Mar 8th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show #06 10pm, FEB 14th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

a slightly bent valentine

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show #05 10pm, Jan 11th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

Special Guest: POD aka Podolski

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show #04 10pm, Dec.13th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

Very special guests: Rieko Okuda, Antti Virtaranta, Thiébault Imm

Fake Mistress / stØrfan Sender at Unheimlich Unheimlich, Trixxter, Dec.8th, big line-up

photo by oli.ver

COCK’N’ROACH at Multiversal, KvU Berlin, Nov. 23rd, 2022

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show #03 10pm, Nov.8th on 88.4FM (Berlin) or 90.7 (Potsdam) or

Due to technical problems with the live setup sound quality is far from amazing, next shows will be better again, I promise. The end of the show features a live set of RMC playing synth and me on vocals.

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show #02 7pm Oct.25th, 2022 on 88,4FM

SalonBruit supersØnic radio show 10pm Sept.27th, 2022 on 88,4FM

.alter – Veringhof (minibar) – Sept. 1st, 18-22h Hamburg Elbinsel Lasterkonzerte
Als LSD nach Wilhelmsburg kam … 70, 80er Jahre & die IBA Hamburg

solo at DIENSTBbar
DIENSTbar presents Elektronischer Hörgenuss VIII

@ Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche

Berlin, 12 August 2022
7697 Miles
stØrfan Sender

Thanks to Galiläa-Team

COCK’N’ROACH at Bruital Furore
22.07.2022 at MS Stubnitz, Hamburg
Huge line-up

.alter-native live to air at salonbruit / collabradio
June 28th, 21.00h or fm 88,4

Transmission No. 122
Special Guest: StØrfan Sender
Wednesday March, 16th 22:00 – 23:00 CET

older stuff

I’ll try to update the archive slowly when I come across some old media files.


live radio stream from my house at salonbruit rerouted, April 23rd, 2020

solo at 3rd anniversary of EXPERIMENTIK TIK Nord, 15.04.2020

solo @ EXPERIMENTIK #20 16. Jan. 2019