• 19. April 2020

I record an perform solo as well as in collaboration with other artists and projects. Generally I prefer improvisational approaches to fixed structure most of the time but not always. I have never been a purist and I’m pretty sure that I won’t become one. For my own musical projects I rather play and record than produce or change things afterwards. Mostly.


Here are some of my solo recordings and performances. Most of them can be downloaded from my netlabel page in the internet (

stØrfan sender – reflectory response unit

stØrfan sender – getrennt wohnen gemeinsam erleben

getrennt wohnen gemeinsam erleben

live reading from classified ads in the free local paper trough some delays and a pitch shifter

stØrfan sender – downlocked

stØrfan sender downlocked cover

A bunch of pedals, a mixer and a microphone mounted on an acoustic guitar.

Track 1 was a livestream for SalonBruit Rerouted on April 23rd 2020
Track 2 was recorded afterwards with the same set up

01 live@salonbruitrerouted
02 after-live

livestream for 3rd anniversary of EXPERIMENTIK

I’m a regular visitor and occasional performer on Seiji Morimoto’s EXPERIMENTIK in TIK Nord in Berlin on every third Wednesday. This performance was streamed live from there without audience due to the actual restrictions.

stØrfan sender – music for treatment

website was played live after testing. An acoustic montage of different solo tracks. Try it for yourself!

Full download here.

stØrfan senderlive at Experimentik #20

stØrfan sender – playing live

stØrfan sender plays electric bass guitar and pedals + electric harmonium and vocals on track 1.
All tracks recorded live on different occasions.

Full download here.

stØrfan sender – meantime

A bunch of different 4-track recordings.

Full download here.

stØrfan sender – electroautism

music for mental labouring
stØrfan sender plays saw blades, zithers, open mics and fx

tracks 1 and 2 were recorded at Impfraum3 , Berlin
track 3 was a live performance at SalonBruit, Lichtblick Kino

full download here.

stØrfan sender – L O V E

L O V E was released in 2005.
edition: 100 pcs
cd stencilled, cover copied and varnished cardboard,
photo: B/W print from multi-exposed 6×6 neg.
Full download here.

Electric Sander Experiment – FU The Purists

This was my first solo album.
edition: 100 pcs
cd stencilled, cover copied and varnished cardbord, inlay printed tranclucent plastic

Full download here.


I play and played in a couple of sort of regular bands as well as spontaneous, ad hoc or one of collaborations. Here’s a little selection:


.alter is a theme based improvisational duo with Matthias Rössner (née Koch) on drums and me on bass and pedals. We’ll publish an album in the near future.

Here is our actual press text:

.alter is a Berlin based collaboration aiming to propagate sports music as an Olympic discipline all over the world. They think themselves a perfect support act for nearly everything, from long distance philosophizing to other demanding exercises like mind reading, lovemaking, cooking or competitive dining.

They might have started the now so popular sports music genre accidentally, taking the glam out of rock and gluing some mojo onto pop thus enjoying both kinds.

Mr. Rössner (née Koch) and Mr. sender are always looking for nice clean spots to drip their sweat on and neatly wipe it off afterwards, giving the world a pretty nice shine whilst sporting a pretend intellectual approach and outlook.

Sports high! More on

This is an except from our show at Waldinselbühne May 2019